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I have a lot to say but still thinking through some things through so I will just post some points from today.  We finished our second day at Innovate 08- good stuff.  But the really good stuff happened after the conference. 
I was witness to one of the first video multisite baptisms I know of.  Cindy Wall from CUMC was back in Auburn and needed to be baptized tonight but Rusty and most of the staff where here in Ind.  So we skyped the event.  It was amazing and beautiful.  I took a couple of pictures on our end.   enjoy




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Scott Fillmer

WOW... just WOW, that looks great on your end, that is so cool. I can't tell you how excited we were on this end that is went so well and most of all what the baptism meant to Cindy. Thanks so much for posting the pics, I hope to have a few up soon.


Your side of the skypcast looks awesome! Those pictures are wonderful.

Thank you for posting so quickly.


the picture looks better than it was. It was good but had the fuzzy pixelated look. I am glad they turned out good though!


So did Rusty's head. :))))))) Don't tell him I said so.


This was so kewl! Thank you to all that made it happen on THIS day.

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