Sending the team

And then it blew up...

I don't like to talk numbers very much. But I wanted to share this...

I typically get about 15-20 views on the fluidity blog on any given day. When we are in Uganda or NOLA or a trip somewhere we usually get about 40-60 a day. In the past week I have had little over 300 views. Last Friday I had 86 (and that is Friday GMT can convert...). I have now had over 4000 views since February on this blog.

Why am I saying this?
1. Cindy Wall's baptism and story is the main reason folks came last week to view my site- and continue to.
2. The Well in Uganda is the second reason people come to view my site.
3. I am amazed at the way God is orchestrating things in the world and I get to be part of the sharing. I pray that other see His Glory when they come to the fluidity blog.
4. I wanted to let you know that good things are happening...and thank you for reading (and hopefully praying and doing something about what you read here).

And because we are leaving for Uganda on Thursday. I have a surprise up my sleeve for the team that I will not be telling them until we are sitting in Uganda on Friday. I will blog that night about it so you know what is coming. It's goona be cool. Be aware that we will be 8 hours ahead of you all here and I will be posting probably around 9pm at the earliest each day.

Pray for us. Pray for Buloba. Pray for what God is doing in the Auburn/Opelika area. Pray for how you should be involved. Look for the women at the well you should be speaking truth and sharing Living Water with (See John 4).

Thank you for reading. I would give out prizes, CD's or books...but right now I don't have any. After I finish rereading "Let the Nations Be Glad" by John Piper you can have the dog earred highlighted book I have been loving. You can sell it on Ebay for big money when I get famous (umm don't count on THAT : )


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