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Day 2 Wednesday

We are Here

This post will be short. I typed up a blog last night and then somehow today I have miss placed my flashdrive, so I am typing this up right now....TIA (This is Africa) and evidently this is Andi's flashdrive she keeps losing in Africa....

We all made it through the 2 8 hour plane rides.  Lots of movies, water, juice, food and a layover in Amsterdam.  We chowed down on some fast food in Atlanta.  The last fast food we will see until we return to Amsterdam.

We were able to see the sun set, sun rise, and sun set again while on planes.  It was amazing.  I am posting a picture of one of the skies before the sun came up.  It is out of focus since Hiram was taking it and wasn't sure how to adjust, but you get the idea.  I loved that I woke up from my 2 hours of solid sleep to the song "Sing to the King" we sang at church and yes, it was the Amazing Mary Elizabeth singing it in my head. 

Thank you to all the prayer warriors at home= I believe we have averted at least 2 biggies so far because of prayer.  Oh and thanks to one of my prayer warriors giving me a goodie bag with 1st aid kit, complete with little scissors.  I found them at the gate in Atlanta and made it here with security none the wiser.  In Amsterdam i MacGuyvered the headphones to try to make an adapter so I could use my own on the plane....It sort of worked.  Fun times in the airport..

Today we went to Gaba to see the sites, out to eat, and then to Buloba.  I will work on some more pictures and a better description of today to post tomorrow after we get back (I tend to blog a day behind because I type at night and post the next afternoon).  It is great to be back in Buloba and with friends!

Pray for us as we deal with trying to remember (and me continually hassling the team) to put on bug spray, drink water, eat good, sleep good (won't be a problem tonight) and everything else we need to remember!  I found out Buloba didn't get the message that we have the well money so we get to tell them during Church service on Sunday.   It's going to be a great week! God is at work and it is fun to be in the middle of it.


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Scott Fillmer

Thanks for the update, great to be able to hear what is going on, if even a day behind. I can't imagine their excitement when you guys get to tell them about the well on Sunday. Take LOTS of pics.

April Dean

Hey there! Just wanted to let you all know that the Dean's are praying for you!!

Yet this I call to mind and therefore I have hope. Because of the Lord's great love we are not consumed. For his compassion never fails. It is new every morning. Great is Thy faithfulness. Lamentations 3:21-23

Rusty Hutson

Alright! Glad you made it ok. Praying for ya'll everyday. Drink Drink Drink (trust me!)

Rusty Hutson

Alright! Glad you made it ok. Praying for ya'll everyday. Drink Drink Drink (trust me!)

Marcia Gibson

Love the pictures! I am so glad that I can live vicariously through you!

I will be looking forward to seeing and reading more as you continue your journey.

Be safe - see you all soon!

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