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If you were at Cornerstone today you know that we asked you to go out into the community, share living water with people in SOME way.  You hopefully picked up a card to remind you to do that thing.  Some of you picked up 2-4 cards (rock on!)  Please share your story with us.  Click on the Comments below and let us know what you did, what you thought, and what happened! 

If you didn't come today= there are still opportunities at the information desk...or make up your own.  Just do something to share the Love of Jesus to people this week!

Oh- and I love that most of the tables were EMPTY when we got done!!!


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Scott Fillmer

I have to say that was really one heck of a great service on missions. We are going to be out of town next weekend but we picked up our card for MERCY.

Scott Fillmer

We took it on today and did what we said we would commit to doing. Hopefully this will be a ongoing lifestyle for us, it was great fun to be doing God's work. I posted a little encouragement for all on my blog as well :)

Look forward to hearing everyone else's story from the week too.


Scott's blog is now listed under "other fluid pages" in the left side bar if you want to follow his progress


So...here is my story.
I have an older neighbor (well, several older neighbors). One of them is the blow the leaves, mow the yard everyday type person. One of them not- she is single, works fulltime and is hardly home. We typically play the game of "oh, she mowed her yard, I better mow mine." Well, I noticed she had not mowed her's in awhile. So I prayed she would delay until yesterday when I could sneak over after she left for work and mow her yard. I love suprises, hope she did too. Anonymous note in the mailbox to let her know why and hopefully a smile on her face when she drives home for the next few days and sees her yard :)
I am working on cooking up something else fun if anyone wants to join in...


My story isn't only "my" story. Here goes...
My family of 3 chose the card that suggested "buy cold water/Gatorade for construction workers"
During the sermon, this was the first "mission" we thought of and when my husband & I saw this card on the table, we knew we had to choose it. Monday morning we left a cooler full of gatorades and waters, and a sack full of snacks at the worksite of our house that is under construction. We also left a note in English and Spanish saying that these things were left for them to enjoy because they were all appreciated.

My daughter could hardly wait to check the cooler to see if anyone had discoverd it at the site. That evening the cooler was empty and the snacks were almost gone. The three of us knew that the temperature had reached the 80's that day and we were happy that we could do a small thing for this group of hardworking men. I shared this story and what our church was doing to be Fluid to my friend and co-worker, Carol. I also commented that while you felt good about doing nice things for people, you do not always know the effect that you have on them.
Well, I was wrong...sometimes you do, this is the rest of the story...

This morning, a lady named Pat that works near my office came in and sat down. She said, "the most amazing thing happened to me yesterday. I shared this with Carol and she said that I should tell Keetha, but I am not sure why." Pat proceeded to tell me that she was having a busy day on Wednesday, and was on her way to pick up her grandson when she made a quick stop at the drive-thru of Micky D's to get tea and french fries. When she got to the window, the cashier told her that her meal had been paid for by the young man in the car ahead of her. At this point a big smile was on my face and I had goosebumps because I knew it was someone from Cornerstone. I told Pat what our church was doing to become more fluid. And that I had just told Carol that you didn't always know what effect you had on people, but clearly I was wrong. I could now know what a brother in Christ had done and then share it with him and others. Her eyes filled with tears and began to stream down her face. She told me that she wanted me to share her story with all of you in hope that the man in the car would know that he had given her such a blessing that day. Not because she couldn't afford that meal, because she certainly could, but because she had received a blessing to know that there were people that loved other people...strangers for no reason at all and she felt God's presence in that.

So...if you were at the drive-thru at McDonald's Wednesday afternoon, you made Pat's day, and you made my day today as well. I have felt blessed to hear this story and to share it with many others. People who do not go to Cornerstone have told me that they want to do this, too and that they are going to tell their friends.

Just this morning I prayed that God would show me other ways to be fluid and to help me hear His voice in the midst of hectic days. I had only been at work for about an hour when He spoke through Pat...I heard Him loud and clear. God is an awesome God!


woo hoo! Praise God for His love shown through His people! Thank you so much for sharing Keetha! I need a kleenex...good stuff!

We got a call at church today that the Progressive Care Unit at EAMC got bagels and coffee this morning from a Cornerstoner. Would love to hear from whomever that may be...


So Sunday when Will was talking about his amazing experiences at the nursing home I knew that I needed to go SOON. I was soo excited when you uncovered the cards and saw that they had quite a few for the nursing home. I chose a couple and invited a few friends to come along. We went directly to Kroger to buy some flowers for our couple and then to the nursing home. Mary and Clyde were the sweetest couple. Mrs. Mary talked and talked and talked and Mr. Clyde just smiled (and dozed off) the whole time! So often I talk about how much joy I have in the Lord, but to go out and share that joy and watch it multiply was such a blessing! I can't wait to go back and see them again!


I just wanted to write about my experience at The Care Center of Opelika. I visited the resident who is 26 years old which suprised me because I was expecting to walk in and visit an elderly resident. I had even went by the store and picked out some gifts that my grandmother use to like. oh well.. I am sure she liked them anyway . I learned that she had a boyfriend and she took me to meet him ,he is 47 years old although he doesn't look a day over 30 , then I learned that they were getting married in june, they were very excited about this . They both have spinabifita . Her fiance is a very outgoing people person and has one sister and one brother ;he also has 2 nieces and 2 nephews ,he has pictures of them on the walls in his room. He said that he majored in phsycology and loves children ,after that was said the lady resident said that her fiance is a big child then we all had a laugh. They asked me what kind of work I do and I told them I am a hygenist then of course they pointed out all of thier problems . The fiance does have some problem areas therefore I let him know that the DR. I work for does Mercy Medical on Fridays and I could get him in to get some work done. He was so excited . This made me feel good about my visit , I was so glad I could help with something. The funny thing is I was very nervous about going because my grandmother had died a year ago and I have had a hard time coping with it, so I did not know how I was gonna hold up in a place full of reminders of my grandmother but It actually made me feel alot better .It was like I faced my fear and was o.k about it . I have been wanting to do that for a long time but just never did so when I saw this was one of the missions I thought this is it If I take one of these cards then I will have to go so I took one and actually followed through . I am so glad I did. I met two great people and it gave me so many more reasons to be thankful for the wonderful life that God has given me.


Rex Waer

We went to the Red Cross and began to put together training manuals for all kinds of Red Cross volunteers. It was nice to meet new people and learn about them.

Dylan Waer

We wanted to find somebody that we could do something nice for this week, so we got a gift card for an extension agent who is our 4H wildlife instructor. We made her a card. She was very surprised and did not expect any of it. It was fun to do something nice for somebody.


Today my grandson and I visited Miss Emily. She couldn't or didn't want to talk, and she didn't seem to know we were there. Once in awhile she would wail. I went in preparing to tell Miss Emily about Christ's love for her, and I did do that, but I also walked away learning from her and feeling blessed, and she never said a word.


Last week I took 10 dozen cookies and 2 pounds of coffee (the coffee we are selling at Cornerstone) to the PCU on the eighth floor at EAMC for both day and night shifts. To say the staff was amazed is an understatement.
My daughter was visiting on the previous Sunday. She took a card for a Women's shelter and decided to be viral taking it home with her and doing something for a local shelter in Athens GA. She went to the Dollar Tree and loaded up with sweet smelling lotions, combs, and toothbrushes. All kinds of things women need when the leave in a hurry. Her gesture was graciously received.
Thank you for thinking of this wonderful way to reach out to the community. I have many friends who attend other churches in the area. They are impressed with Cornerstone's outreach programs. As am I. One friend in particular always asks if Cornerstone is doing anything new and exciting. I rarely have to disappoint her.
I have been searching for this kind of church experience my whole life. Rusty asked me what I found different about Cornerstone. I couldn't articulate it then but I know now. It is joyful.
Thank You!

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